About Us

Everyone's story matters.

The rock shows, worship concerts, and reflective acoustic sets of Daniel's Window are formed around this beautiful, simple theme. From each of the five band members to each person in the audience who has shown up with a broken heart: we all have a need to be known. 

In an ever expanding global community,
In the chaos of social media,
In the loss of personal time spent with friends and family,

We are desperate for our stories to matter. The music of Daniel's Window reminds us that they do.

After a two year hiatus, Daniel's Window is ready for a change. Ready to embrace the history of their seventeen years together and ready to forge a future of new music and new stories to share. The band is made up of Heather, a professional pianist and vocalist, spelling champ, mother of two, and lover of scary movies; Caleb, a comic book artist, coffee connoisseur, and self-confessed foodie; Alby, a guitar guru, studio engineering ninja, and possessor of epically long hair; Bill, an accomplished bassist, ping-pong master, and walker of the windy streets of Chicago; and Clayton, drummer extraordinaire, audio engineer, avid gardener, and classic cartoon aficionado.

If you loved them in the past, you're going to love this new chapter in their history.

Be a part of the Daniel's Window story. Watch for new music released each month through 2014 and 2015.